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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


TOUCH Home Care - Delivery of meals to the elderly

We believe in doing our part to improve the lives of the less privileged and we are dedicated to creating lasting and positive contributions. Our endeavors are centered on three themes: benefiting the communities in which we live and work; developing the next generation; and creating a sustainable environment. Every year, our staff actively participates in these community engagement efforts, improving everything from green spaces to public education. 


Over the years, our partnership with charities has ranged from supporting the Metta Welfare Association for the Intellec­tually Disabled, participating in home improvement projects for Touch Home Care, to hosting a recreational event for children from Rainbow Club Singapore. We are grateful to our employees who have channeled their time, expertise, and creativity into serving the community.


A part of our corporate commitment is to empower the youth with knowledge and skills in fields such as science, arts, literature, and more. We work with organizations that inspire curiosity, encourage new perspectives and facilitate cross-cultural learning to nurture the talents of our youth.


We support non-profits dedicated to impactful environmental initiatives through sponsorship and volunteerism in areas such as conservation and rehabilitation. In the spirit of innovation, STEC also teams with organizations that leverage new technologies to improve the way we care for the environment. 

STEC also embraces and adopts environmentally friendly practices across all of our projects. We actively promote environmental awareness among our staff, introduce energy-efficient technologies, and minimize construction impact on site surroundings. These efforts have earned us the Green and Gracious Builder Award in the STAR category, the highest rating given by the Building and Construction Authority. 

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