Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Beach Cleaning at East Coast Park

STECS is dedicated to make lasting and positive contributions to the society. Our endeavors are centered on three overarching themes: benefiting the places where we live and work; instilling knowledge in areas ranging from the arts to the geosciences; and creating a sustainable environment. Every year, our employees actively participate in these outreach efforts, improving everything from green spaces to public education. 


From supporting the cause of Metta Welfare Association for the Intellec­tually Disabled, participating in a home improvement project for Touch Home Care, to organizing a recreational event for the children from Rainbow Club (Singapore), we are committed to improving the well-being of the local communities. This is possible through our employees who volunteer their time, energy and enthusiasm to help STECS make an impact and build a strong and healthy community.


Our support for educational initiatives is part of a corporate commitment to programs that enhance understanding of science, the arts, literature and more. Whether it's developing the talents of our youth or creating a bridge for cross-cultural learning, we work with organizations whose efforts inspire curiosity and evoke new thoughts and points of view.


We team with non-profits dedicated to a range of environmental initiatives. Our sponsorship and employee volunteerism support efforts such as conservation, rehabilitation and more. In the spirit of innovation, STECS also partners with organizations that leverage new technologies to improve the way we care for the environment.