WSH Coordinator

Job Description:

  • Assist in conducting Site Safety Induction for new employees and ensures that they understand the WSHE requirement.

  • Assist in the preparation, review and maintenance of Site Safety Records as documented in the Project's WSHE Management System Manual.

  • Responsible for conducting weekly toolbox meetings and accident investigations with the employees or ensures such meetings are conducted by the respective engineer/supervisor or subcontractors.

  • Responsible for maintaining a Hazardous Materials Register.

  • Ensure that relevant statutory requirements for WSHE are implemented effectively.

  • Ensure on a day-to-day basis that the project safety programme is implemented and that effective accident prevention planning is in place.

  • Report any substandard condition, procedure or operation to the WSHE Officers, and if he considers that the situation is warranted, order an immediate cessation of the work.

  • Ensure that appropriate firefighting equipment is available in good working condition and that established emergency procedures are in place in the event of fire or other emergency.

  • Inspect and rectify any unsafe place of work and unsafe practices.

  • Check sub-contractors' work to ensure compliance with the relevant statutory Acts and Regulations.

  • Liaison with sub-contractors with respect to safety work undertaken by them.

  • Assist the WSHE Officers in organizing safety awareness activities such as toolbox meetings, safety orientation, safety promotional activities, etc.

  • Ensure that issuance of personal protective equipment are properly recorded and documented.

  • Assist to investigate into all site incidents / accidents & implement corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

  • Assist and organize emergency drills.

  • Updates the site accident statistics board as required

Job Requirements:

◆ Degree/Diploma in any Engineering or specialist diploma in Workplace Safety and Health or equivalent.

◆ Good knowledge of Safety Regulations and Procedures.

◆ At least 3-5 years relevant working experience in construction industry (Preferable in LTA projects or other civil works)

◆ Familiar with Occupational Health & Safety Management System

◆ Good team player

To apply for this job, send your C.V. and cover letter to